Vardishak's Road

Three days. 40,017 words. I did it this year!!!

Yes, I also slept for a really long time since midnight last night, like, it's almost midnight again. Okay, I pulled an all-nighter on the last day to do it. But I DID IT!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Vardishak's Road - Zereldon of House Dzur entered the Heir Championship to defeat Rigan, who denied his human friend Sirara membership in his House... but the moment he won the throw, the Empress died in battle against Vardishak Xaldakim. He uses fireballs like dynamite and threatens to cut a road through the mountains that would end the Piarran Empire... and perhaps, the world.

I had fun with it.

This is book ONE of the Mini-Trilogy. Book two is last year's Rites of Chavateykar. Book three, when I make a long weekend to write it (HEE HEE) will be Zivra's Blasphemy. Which is pretty much the founding of the Empire all over again and a neat prequel to Chazho - the one I am rewriting for Patrick Neilsen Hayden in hope he buys it for Tor.

I had fun.

Gods, it was good to have wordcount again!

Robert and Ari >^..^< (He does not give me enough attention! I had to stomp on his head and meow at him and chew on his hand and sleep in his lap and run back and forth over the desk all weekend. He would have carpal tunnel if he didn't stop to pet me! Mew!)