27,047 at end of Day Two of March Madness...

This is woefully short of what I'd wanted to get done in two days. I should have been doing 17k a day, which means that's 7k short of the full count I ought to have had by midnight. I'm not writing as fast as I'd like to. I'm not managing to work around distractions well enough -- and one of the biggest is now struggling with the outline. I hit scenes I don't like, so I have to punch them up. That takes rumination, though it is resulting in reasonably plausible prose. The book doesn't suck.

But the book isn't an easy one to write, either, and not as immersive as the pure-fantasy ones for me. Sometimes it is. Whole stretches of it go into the zone and I get lost in Magic cat's adventures. Other times I hover over it and push just to get a few hundred words in.

Time to write.

Maybe I can catch up after all...

Robert and Ari >^..^<


March Madness!

No, it's not a bunch of guys playing basketball around the clock for a week. It's the latest challenge at Forward Motion where a lot of writers pledged to any of six different levels of Marathon Writing for the last seven days of March. Whoohooo!

Top level is to finish a novel of 40,000 words or more in those seven days. A few of us kicked that one to a whole new level, a sort of triple dare ya level. Me, Nonny and Izzy -- one of the Young Writers in FM who's only 13 and stomping in the Speedwriter class -- all pledged over 100,000 in the week and are finishing novels.

To do this, I need to average 17,000 a day.

Day one: I had 4k to begin with on Magic in the Streets and used three quarters of that buffer, weighing in with 18,841 when I finished Scene 9 a little after midnight. Okay, maybe only a little over half the "ahead" wordage. I can make that up. I'll have good days in this run and times when I zone and do 2k an hour or more. This will work. Day one had some distractions of sleep dep, slow writing during the day and kidlets entertaining me with rather charming kid stuff. Day two is when I'll crank down on my self discipline -- and see if I can gain back that early lead.

Onward! We're all nuts around here -- but we write so much!

Robert and Ari >^..^<