Time to post another blog!

Last night, Brian the Dream Roommate, soon to be married to Ravyn on Dec. 21, helped me get my room clean. We got EVERYTHING put away. He "helped" by doing about 90% of the work, out of the goodness of his gentle, angelic heart.

Brian is a Neat Freak of the very best sort - the kind who isn't resentful or critical, just likes DOING it and cheerfully asks if he can help. Thanks to Brian, the chaos I lived in has been reduced to a nicely organized few plastic tubs each with a different hobby sorted and packed. I could putter with anything from art to quilting without making a mess too big for ME to clean up.

I could maintain this almost indefinitely. Almost, because some chores cause back trouble and others allergy trouble. I really can't dust, so I never do, so I move when life gets too dusty and then when I get unpacked and moved in the allergy symptoms go down. WOW. Brian doesn't mind doing these things.

With one last thing I will be entirely moved in and Settled In. Today, the pictures get hung - we finished at two in the morning and the neighbors would not have been happy with 2am hammering. What little spare or redundant Stuff that I had - a keepsake television set, a keepsake radio, a tub full of deep storage stuff, some other things, have been lent or given to Brian and Ravyn. For their wedding I've gotten very medieval, I'm going to do a wedding portrait of both of them and hopefully also be able to frame the dang thing for them. I'd like to, to give it a really nice professional look. I was a former pro portrait artist, this should come out really great in pastels and I have all the materials at hand except a frame the size for one of the big pieces of Canson paper.

It's made all the difference in the world to my morale. Everything is in reach now. Everything is doable. I've actually made a real "fresh start" on my life and it's coming up grand! PURRRRRR!!

Robert and Ari >^..^<