Final count on March Madness -- 50,000 and change.

The point that I hung up and did not manage to do one more word on Magic in the Streets without massive rumination was a natural break point -- a third of the way into the book. I chose not to worry about it. I was trying to do a three day novel -- and then two more within seven days. I hit my Nanowrimo pace and got a lot done. I am ahead of what the class requires and that is what matters -- some folks are still working on their class novels. I am far enough along that I can handle the class schedule and get it done.

This post is being typed very slowly in Dvorak.

You can't see the pain that is going into it as I fight for the simplest expression. The number of typos by the compulsive typist who lives online and is out of his gourd to try this. But what you will get is more and better novels because I am doing something this insane. I have thrown away 30 years of skill at touch typing.

That's literal.

In just 24 hours, I have forgotten where the qwerty keys are. I had to log into the house network here at the Woods Hall Institute for the Perpetually Weird, and I automatically tried in Dvorak with unlabeled keys. But Windows had fooled me -- it wasn't properly changed at all so I had to remember a password that I had used every day for a month -- and then hunt and peck till I got it.

I am real good at forgetting things!

They even moved the punctuation on me. Well, I should have expected that, I mean, punctuation is a part of typing or I would not have sold even one story. But this is strange and I am now a kid again, a writer who can't type. So I'll learn. I am a bit more careful this time around about not looking at the keys and using the right fingers for the keystrokes -- but I will get fast!

Dvorak gives most people an additional 20 words per minute on their typing speed.

I wonder how big this summer's 3 day novel will be...