Chazho is almost out the door.

It's packaged, cover letter inside, addressed and sitting with another envelope for mailing out in Kitten's room, though looking at the clock it's likely to go in tomorrow's mail regardless of when she gets out the door now. I've critiqued 8 chapters of Stronger than the Night, Nonny's blockbuster creepy scary sexy beasts vampire novel. They go beyond vampires. They steal personalities and life energy, and they are magnificent monsters! I love this book.

Chazho is almost out the door, and after all the delays, I have now done all I can. I have made it the best book that I can. I have waited for crits instead of popping it off after the rough-cuts rewrite. I can't go rushing people who are doing me a favor... there's some of it. I have to just accept that it will get into the mail and hopefully tomorrow's outgoing mail. I had enough delays last night with hardware trouble making the disk, the printer absolutely refusing to work after the whole night collecting its cords and pieces-parts, and finally giving up to block print the scribble-note with a fountain pen.

I have to take delays and frustration in stride. I have to be the zen kitty if I want to have a life at all, because the conditions of my life are what they are. Difficult and fragile, and it's been a hard balance all along. When I stand up to walk across the room it's a hard balance.

Or is it that because I'm asymmetrical, I just notice that more than others sometimes?

Robert and Ari >^..^<