Okay, well, it HAS been a while since I blogged. The great trek from New York to New Orleans was completed and there's a lot of stories. The biggest is that since I was already carrying a lot of cumulative injury and chronic fatigue, well, whooooops...

Three days of travel take a lot of physical effort for anyone. Even the physically active and strong Lucas, Kitten and VandalHeart. What it did to me was... extreme. I had a good time. I spent most of it in the cab of Lucas's truck with Ari at my side in his little plastic carrier being a furry little angel. Ari likes to travel. Ari is terrified of being left behind. Once he's in the vehicle in his cat carrier, he knows I'm not leaving him, so he's happy. He stayed at a hotel and Lucas carried him in with a throw tossed over him - and he looked like a birdcage. My cat can do Sleeping Parrot impressions.

We had a few adventures, like losing a steel belted radial tire on the trailer that blew out sending showers of sparks and having to use the spare... and oddly, it was a pleasant trip for all that. Both of us are very mellow guys. Neither of us got excited along the way. It was just long stretches of some of the most gorgeous countryside I've ever driven through with slow lazy conversations about writing and life with a quiet cat listening. That was fun.

Then I got inside and found out how sick I was when I tottered up the stairs and fell. Okay. I was wiped. I was beyond the level of exhaustion and stress damage that I'd had after the Three Appointement Day last Spring. They brought the stuff in over the next several days and I slept... and slept... and took pain pills and slept, and on Sunday after I moved, we went out to visit Grandfather Oak. A 500 year old tree near the zoo, right next to the zoo, that I have always loved. Then out to eat.

That NIGHT it hit. Not even a day or two later the way muscle damage usually does. Tendonitis - my right leg swelled and in the pulpy sausage dangling from my hips, a solid half inch metal pipe seemed to have been thrust. I couldn't walk. I had a hard time getting to the bathroom. Lucas left for the rest of his vacation and I am so grateful he came to get me, because without him I'd have been so messed up.

Since then I've mostly slept.

I signed up for Nanowrimo and haven't started my book yet. I'm now recovered about to where I was when I got here and caught a lousy cold that started as bronchitis but is lightening to a cold. I'm not up all that much or that long and couldn't get out of bed to go online. The big joke is that the one major item that got ruined on teh trip was my futon mattress. The tarp tore and it got soaked and was ruined and couldn't be used... and so I've been sleeping on an air mattress with a pile of floor pillows and other bedding and pillows on top of it, which kept deflating on me and did not actually do a lot for my back (though it helped my legs).

Today the new futon mattress is arriving! Well in about twenty minutes it's being delivered! Light at the end of the tunnel. And if I don't blog as often, well there are more moving stories I can fill y'all in on now that I'm past the worst of it. Onward!

Nanowrimos! Slam some words in for the limper here, okay!

Ari purrs at you...

Robert and Ari >^..^< (Eeek an evil bird got into my high kitty spot right in my FACE and it flew away and Kitten got it. Whew!)