Forward Motion is up again!

And I got good news - my check from gothic.net was in the mail! Whooohoooo!!! I thought I had confidence before. This morning I was making plans, concrete sensible time management plans for getting it all together to make the leap.

I've got inventory. Blitz on rewrites and I'm on my way here!

Robert and Ari >^..^< (Yep, and I inspire him too! shed, shed, shed)
Forward Motion is down today. The Crash Site is open and so is Chat - so if you got my blog bookmarked and you're wondering what happened to the community, it's Technical Difficulties. Exiting chat will take you to the Crash Board.

They're getting right on them too, the folks at Jatol are VERY good about dealing with technical difficulties. I don't understand everything about it but they responded quickly to the last problem and got the site moved onto a different server.

And for those interested - I posted Crash Wars! Take the site down as a shot at some more writing, post your totals to the Crash Wars post! We'll be back real soon now! Should be most of the day by what Holly told me in chat. I'll be around while I'm awake.

Robert and Ari >^..^< (He's the Brokewriters Moderator. We're writing today. He needs his sleeve chewed, it helps him write more)