Sunfish is 6" x 8" in oil pastels on canvas paper. Painted from a Walter Foster book, How to Paint Wildlife Portraits in Oil Pastels, Oils and Acrylics by H. P. McLaughlin, I did it to illustrate my review of the book on www.explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com, my oil pastels website.

I started it in mid December and it's now got over 50 pages of product reviews, basic art instruction, oil pastels techniques, various step by step projects and other good content. I'm getting really excited about the site. It has more traffic than I expected for its not being up that long.

All that traffic encourages me to write more and draw more. So check it out, I have lots more good oil pastels paintings and drawings posted there along with lots of good articles. I do mean lots and lots!