Edit: Aha, got it! This is Flowering Trees in Washington State, watercolor, about 3 1/2" x 5" on the left half of a page in my watercolor journal done with Winsor & Newton Artist Field Box pan watercolors. Photo reference is posted on WetCanvas.com in the April 10 Weekend Drawing Event images thread hosted by WC member Elainepsq, who provided images from the Pacific Coast. Every weekend someone else hosts it and posts images of a variety of subjects, it's a cool activity in the All-Media Events channel.

Well, I'm trying to add another image for today's daily art but it's not working too well. I've had a lot of bad days the past month or two, spring does that to me in Kansas. The weather's been more changeable this year so I've had a lot more downtime.

Yet I have been keeping up daily art and posting it on my Livejournal blog: http://robertsloan2.livejournal.com -- quite a few days were just little three or five minute gesture sketches but I've got some other good things up, recently a yellow rose painting in oil pastel.

This summer for the Summer Fun Run on SFFmuse, I will be editing my 2004 Nanowrimo -- used to be The Hunt, now it's become Curse of Vaumuru. This is the one set in the magical North American Pleistocene, two shamans who share the totem of Smilodon fatalis and the one spirit that hasn't deserted them defend the Black Rock tribe against the cannibal Blood Eater tribe and its greatest warrior sorceror, Vaumuru.

Vaumuru cast a curse of stupidity on the Black Rock people and that kicked off a world of hurt.

I love the plot, love the setting, love the book and think it's a lot shorter in length it really needs to be to do that story justice. So this summer I will be expanding it in the edits, probably from about 80,000 words to about 120,000 words. I've been ruminating on it a lot during this drawing spree and it helps.

Heck, I may even be up to drawing the landscape, the tribal characters and the Smilodons by the time I do this, my art is getting better too.

One more try -- today's Daily Art:

Nope, nothing happened when I clicked the image icon. Annoying. It worked last time.

All right, solved, it's working now. Don't know why the popup wasn't coming up but at last it did.