this gets bizarre and annoying. My template, which used to load fine, doesn't load. They're always working on it, try again later, Error 503. I have no idea what's going wrong and I'm in over my head with that...

This weather is not a good thing and neither is the stress. I'm moving, we knew that, today is packing. The apartment I'm leaving does not have adequate heat. It didn't last year when I first moved in, that it doesn't this year either is no great surprise.

Chazho is done up through chapter 25 and that means there's a lot less ahead than behind.

I feel like I'm getting out just in time. The effect of slow diminishing returns on recuperation time hasn't escaped me. Some of it's the season - - it is such a good thing I'm moving down to a warm climate. Most of it is what happens when I go up and down that hill.

I sorted out what point I began napping in the afternoons over at Andrew's and it correlated exactly with when I moved out of the flood-apartment into the one on the Hill. It's got a great view and it's a gorgeous building. It looks like the one in the "Mystery" screen saver rendered in green but sitting at the top of a daunting hill. The view from the window has been documented for a year by QuickCam and most of those shots have appeared as article illustrations on http://www.selfhelpforwriters.com - but the price of that view has been so rough.

Every place has its advantages and disadvantages.

Today, a friend is coming over to help me pack. That brings it down to one week. This week is the last week I'll be in New York. Not the last week I'll be here with you on the Net. That's got me feeling so free. I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving much behind. I'm staying in touch with Andrew and his family and I'll be on cable modem next week so things will be even easier to load.

And it's the Big Leap...

We'll see how much I get done on Chazho when I've got my strength!

Robert and Ari >^..^<